Adriano Petrich


I obsess about stuff. Thats how I am.

Show me something interesting and I’m hooked. Sometimes for life, or at least until I can either really grok it.

My best guess is that everything else begins here.

Food hack

Probably one of my earliest obsession and one I’ve never got over. As a kid I started getting interesting in cooking. I remember as a kid watching cooking shows on tv, asking both my mom and my grandmother (both which cook great) and also helping in the kitchen.

Coder and Linux user

Yeah I am. I do program computers for fun and profit. Specially with dynamic languages(python, ruby), great frameworks (rails,django) and Agile techniques

Most of my work is done with Free(as in speech) Software and Open Source tools.

Noob photographer

Still getting better on that. Probably

Paulista and Brazilian

I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil. It is huge and great city. You name it we had immigrants from there: Italian, Japanese, Lebanese, Greek, German, etc..

They all came here, They all bought food and we incorporated it as our common culture.

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