The secret food project

the why

Writing this site was one of those things that you almost postpone for ever until one day you see that if you procrastinate anymore you won’t do it at all.

So on one Friday morning I decided that I should do it. I should make a food blog.

the how

I sat on a French cafe’ (called Delis Paris) and started coding. Yeah I could have used something like wordpress but on the previous day they have shown yet another vulnerability and all my friends that use WP we now upgrading (for like the forth time in a month). I wanted more control over my code so I decided to make a site from scratch.

2 Croissant and 2 cappuccinos and 1 coke zero later my battery (they didn’t have power outlets on the cafe ) was nearing zero percent and I had to relocate. Coding for the site was almost done.

Starbucks had power outlets, and for the cost of a muffin I could stay there all day if I wanted.

I started at 8 AM and by 4 PM the site was done. What was left to do was just minor tweaks.

the photos

I still have to improvise some kind of lighting.. I do most of my cooking for dinner, and without a studio lighting most pictures look like crap.

and then

The universe didn’t end because I started a blog.

Which to be honest let me a little disappointed with the universe.


This site was done in wonderful sweet django

Edited on vi on a linux machine :)


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