Addicted to Passata

July 13, 2010, 11:42 a.m. | by Adriano Petrich | Categories: german vegetarian Italian passata tomato

Addicted to Passata

It is a tidbit odd I might say

The winter has just began here in the South hemisphere, and what appears on the grocery stores?

Wonderful red tomatoes

And what did your nonna told you to do when you get great tomatoes?

Nothing.. She just grabbed grabbed the sieve and made tons of Passata di Pomodoro.. or should do, truth to tell my Nonna was Croatian so I didn’t get much passata making when I was young.

Yet, I went straight ahead and made my own passata.

Except that is no passata what I did. Passata was supposed to be raw and passed to a sift. I pureed it on the food processor and reduced a little.

The Swiss tool of Tomato sauce

Sauté some garlic, sauté some onions dump a passata and instant glory.

I know what you are thinking: MEH!

I can get tomato puree, tomato extract, tomato paste, canned tomatoes and even extra chunk tomato sauce! Why is this so special?

Easy: It is MINE! I’ve made it :)

Also it is delicious, and doesn’t have any crap that I don’t want in it. Tomato puree and canned tomatoes are ok. Most of the others have either sugar, MSG, flavorings or any combination.

Steak alla Pizziola

It is my default meat and tomatoes dish. So easy that this is not even a full fledged recipe. Guidelines are enough.

Make your sauce, pan fry your steaks, cover the steaks with sauce, add some mozzarella on top and that’s it.

Broil the cheese if you can

Here is where paying an extra to have a broiler in the oven pays out. Just remember to heat up the broiler when you first start to pan fry the steaks.

Broil for a couple of minutes until it is crispy and gorgeous.


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