The all mighty Tayberry

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The all mighty Tayberry

One city, many discoveries

Dundee is almost boastful for it’s discoveries: the autoadesive stamp, the marmalade, and so many others that I can certainly name and account for without the need of flattery and distraction to point you, dear intelligent reader, into another direction: The Tayberry

Born of crossing blackberries and red raspberries in this very city, by the river Tay.

They are amazing! The texture is unique they have more bite than the original parent berries. A raspberry promptly flies in all directions upon biting, not the tayberry. It is so very juicy and sweet and has smaller seeds, as a blackberry. I was so amazed by it that I felt that I had to post about it.

That I wanted an excuse to buy some clotted cream and eat it with berries and whisky does not come into it. much.

Living Across the Pond

Six months have come and passed and I’m still adapting to live in Dundee, Scotland ( not the other one ). I like living here, a lot, but that’s not to say that there are stuff that gets time to get used to. Some were expected, others are complete surprises and they come in both flavors: good and bad.

The cost of the food in the UK is astonishing high. Animal protein especially (did you see my new fancy UK spelling?), but it is still less than Sao Paulo. I’m not sure if an item per item comparison is fair, I’ve payed for 2 steaks here what I pay for a 1.3 Kg of extra premium picanha/sirloin (actually it is more complicated than that) piece, but I get shallots here for pences and there I could only get 3 really small units for 7 pounds.

If I had to quantify, I would say that in average the monthly spending in for food, I’m spending 30% to 40% less than I would in Sao Paulo. That’s for groceries, eating out does not come into play otherwise it would be unfair, on the other hand the sushi that I can get in Sao Paulo would make it unfair to the UK.


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