Best bakery in Tel Aviv

Nov. 9, 2010, 11:32 a.m. | by Adriano Petrich | Categories: sweets Tel Aviv travel

Best bakery in Tel Aviv

There is another famous institution in Tel Aviv: the “Said el Abu Lafia and Sons Bakery”. I’ve heard from it by some four or five different sources, so it was another of those places that I had to try.

The instructions were falsely difficult for being so easy on how to get there. It said something about get on the principal street and walk with your back to Tel Aviv. Here is my instructions to get there:

1) Go to Old Jaffa
2) It is the one the green marquee
3) There’s no third step.

To be honest I didn’t try the bread there so I still have to go back. What I did try were the sweets.

Oh boy were they good! Somewhat less sweet than what you would expect in Brazil (We do have Lebanese sweets), also they were much more deep in flavor.

There is only take out. For the sweets they just used a plastic bag and that was it. You leave the bakery walk a few meter and enjoy your meal looking at the sea. That easy.

Did I mention the juice?

Pomegranate juice to be more specific. Rimon in Hebrew. Cheap ass travel tip: always learn how to speak the things you like in the local language, the best places that serve them are not for tourists and you will be glad to be able to order them properly .

They have some HUGE pomegranates. Sometimes larger than my fist. The juice.. or better: Juice (as would be proper to it) is made from fruits split in half and squeezed in a orange juice press. That old style one with a lever like the one that superman pressed his finger in superman 2.

About four fruits gives about 400ml (less than a pint) of juice.

Freshly squeezed, cold (they keep the pomegranates in the fridge) it is just amazing.


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