The Best Food I've had in the USA: Mustard Seeds Pickle

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The Best Food I've had in the USA: Mustard Seeds Pickle


Mustard, 1 Cup seeds

Water, 1 + 1/2 Cup

Vinegar, 1 + 1/2 Cup (Rice)

Sugar, 1/2 Cup

Salt, 2 tbsp

Coriander, 1 tbsp ground seeds

Mustard, 1 tsp english powder

Materials and Methods

My Experience with Food in the US of A

First of all: DISCLAIMER: I should not need to say it, but all of this are my limited experience (I did stay mostly in Virginia and North Carolina ,not the WHOLE USA), my biased views and above all my little minded ..huh.. mind.

So no way around it: Food sucks in the USA. Big time.

Actually NO. Food from franchise/chain restaurants sucks in the USA. BIG TIME.

That alone would not be such a large problem had it not be sheer amount of franchise/chain restaurants there. Subway is so pandemic that borders omnipresence.

When you can get away from the chains some pearls appear. I had great pizza in Floyd, Virginia. When people get their hands dirty and wash them and them cook from scratch the results are usually wonderful.

That’s what I had at Millie’s Dinner.

Pickled Mustard Seeds

Truth to be told I was not looking forward to eat at Millie’s Dinner, I wanted to go the place across the street called Ronnie’s Ribs, Wings and Other Things, but I arrived too late and Ronnie’s was closed. Millie’s is a very nice dinner. Kitchen in the front of the house by the huge window to the street, a bar and a half dozen tables.

I ordered the home cured meat dish for starters and a duck for main. Both were great, but the relish of pickled mustard seeds that came with the cured meat was just too much.

It starts very strong and rich, but after a second some notes of sweetness appear, the taste mellows and changes giving it deep and earthly flavor.

I used both black and yellow mustard seeds, and I must admit it was out of vain. They look better like that.

Easy as it Comes

Add everything into a pan. Heat until it starts to simmer, lower the heat and keep stir from time to time until it goes soft and tender about 30 minutes. If you run out of liquid just add more water.

That’s it. Really.

As far as I can see it must keep well. At least for a month I suppose, but I’ve never got so far.

Use it everywhere!

Add to coleslaw, instant hit!

But the best use I can think of is:

Get a head of garlic, roll it in aluminium and roast in the oven until tender.

A single clove spread on toast, add pastrami or corned beef and the mustard seed pickle on top.

That’s bliss.


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