Carbonara and the importance of good bacon

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Carbonara and the importance of good bacon

Good news everybody: I am picky

And nothing gets my pet-peeve silly brain going into overdrive better than Carbonara. Just to thicken the plot I am always after a great spaghetti Carbonara.

If the ingredients are not stated in the menu, rest assured that I will ask for them and if the waiter says cream I will grimace.

It is somewhat of a new dish. It doesn’t appear before the WWII and sounds like the bacon and powdered egg of the US army ration were the original ingredients.

To make it simple: Spaghetti alla Carbonara is Spaghetti (pronounced in my head with Nadia G’s accent), eggs, black pepper, cheese (percorino) and bacon

Let’s talk about bacon:

Bacon is love1

First of all, like love, not all bacons are created equal. Industrial bacon sucks. They are made overnight by pumping liquid smoke and brine, and worse of all MSG. I hate the stuff. Natural food has it and I’m very happy with that what bugs me is the 99.99% percent pure MSG that companies and “people2“ add to “food3“ .

My home made bacon uses a dryrub and is smoked for at least 4 hours. Unfortunately my hacked smoker is dead and I can no longer make home made bacon.

Since I cannot make bacon from scratch4, or be happy buying industrial stuff, how to live a happily bacon life?

Artisan bacon, my friend. Artisan bacon. I’m getting mine from a German colony in the south of Brazil. There’s also a company called Cancian that makes good bacon, the traditional way.

1As said by a vegetarian friend of mine

2 I use the term loosely

3Same deal

4“In order to make an apple pie from scratch you have first to create an universe” — Missed Carl Sagan

Serve it NOW!

Carbonara is easy peasy. Make the pasta and fry the bacon. In a small bowl beat one or two eggs, reserve.

When the pasta is ready add it to the pan (turn off the heat a minute before to let it cool a little) with the bacon and toss (remove excess fat if desired first) add the eggs and toss and serve.

Cover with a generous portion of a good Parmesan cheese (or percorino) ground some black pepper on top and SERVE RIGHT NOW!

YES! I did forget to add the black pepper before shooting the pics, and when I added it I could not shoot because I was eating!


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