A case for Croatia ham and cheese

Sept. 19, 2009, 5:15 p.m. | by Adriano Petrich | Categories: cheese croatia ham sandwich

A case for Croatia ham and cheese


Croatia has some very important arguments. One that I like the most is Pršut. I mean ham. Those lovely pig legs cured to perfection.

Inland Croatia cures but don’t smoke, coastal Croatia dry-cures it.

If you are lucky, one day you might have to try both to check which one is better.

Paški sir (Pag island cheese)

As far as I know there are 4 things you should know about Pag.

1) Pag is an island.

2) On its coast, wild sage grows.

3) Wind deposits a fine layer of salt over every surface there (including sage leaves)

4) Sheep loves sage.

The Pag cheese is a hard cheese that is naturally salted and tastes of sage.


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