Ceviche for a hot day

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Ceviche for a hot day


Fish, 1 Unit This was a Saint Peter

Limes or Lemons, 3 Unit

Hot Peppers, 1 Unit

Onion, 1 Unit Red, finelly chopped

Materials and Methods

Easy as pie, only easier

Ceviche is by far, one of my favorite dishes for a hot day.

Besides the fish that has to be absolutely fresh, all the ingredients either you already have it or are simple to get, no need for a large kitchen or weird equipment.

A cutting board + knife, a Bowl and a fridge (or cool chest) is all the equipment that you will you need.

Did I mention that the fish has to be INSANELY fresh?

In Chile I saw people selling ceviche in a street fair under the boiling sun. No, you do not want that.

Fresh “fish” denatured with acid

One of my attractions for this dish is that I came in contact with it fairly late in my life. It is one of those “WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN ALL MY LIFE!” kinds of deal. Once I tried, on the other hand, I was hooked.

There was a week that I did ceviche for 6 days straight, visiting the fishmonger 3 times. Yeah, I have that much OCD (did I ever tell you about when I was trying to learn how to make bread?)

A note about fishmongers: Be friends with yours.

Do you see fish every single day? Do you spend 8 hours a day looking at fish? They do. They know what they are selling.

So you let them tell you what to buy, not the other way around. You do not impose your will on what is fresh: for instance, saying to them “I want a fresh grouper” does not make it happen. Saying “I want a fresh fish for ceviche (it could be dark)” and listen to what they suggest, can.

On a side note: Be friends with your butcher also.

The basic recipe

This is the basic recipe: Cut the fish in small cubes (or strips), place in a bowl cover with lime juice and let it marinate for 10 to 15 minutes.

After these 10-15 minutes you add extra stuff and serve it.

Usually some form of hot pepper and some vegetables to give it a little crunch.

Ceviche from Peru uses a powdered yellow paprika called aji amarillo. If you can find I suggest you try it.

One of the best ceviches I’ve ever had had habaneros so finelly minced that you almost didn’t noticed them.

Extra texture

I like to use red onions to give it an extra crunch. I prefer the red to the regular one as they are lighter and not as strong to be eaten raw.

Also avocados and tomatoes are usually added depending on the country you are on

BTW did you see that I said Fish “denatured” with acid instead of “cooked” with acid. Pet peeve: never mind.

Also it is mind it that it is “fish” not fish.. I had a great shrimp and octopus ceviche once. (the octopus probably was lightly blanched before ceviching)

Ceviche 101

Once the basic recipe is marinate add some chopped red onions and chopped red peppers

This is the most plain, but still delicious way to have it.

If it this is the first time you try to make it, by all means do this recipe instead of a more fancy one.

Go easy: Begin it simple. Enjoy the light flavor of the ceviche.

Serve on something crunchy: Totopes, toast, baguette, fried plantains, frogs, you name it.


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