Cool pasta salad

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Cool pasta salad


Pasta, 500 g ( 17 + 1/2 oz ) short pasta (penne, fusilli and friends)

Tomato, 5 Unit chopped

Basil, 1 Bunch, leaves picked

Limes or Lemons, 2 + 1/2 Unit Juiced

Hot sauce, 1 tsp Comari pepper sauce (I will explain)

Salt, to season

Olive oil, 1 tbsp

To cook the pasta:

Water, 3 l ( 0 q )

Salt, 2 tbsp


Parmesan cheese, grated

Materials and Methods

I normally hate pasta salads. I hate mayo and every pasta salad that I would normally find looks like a giant glob of vileness.

I feel that pasta salad should be treated, oddly enough, as a salad with pasta.

My dressing for it is pretty much the same dressing that I would use on a tomato salad only in greater quantity so it can dress the pasta also.

It is important that you mix when the pasta is hot so it can soak some of the dressing.

And there is where comes my:

Ode to tomato and comari pepper

Comari (or cumari) is a small brazilian pepper (about the size of a caper). There are some varieties of it but 2 are readly available (in Sao paulo at least): Green (just Comari) and the Yellow (or Comari do ParĂ¡).

Both go amazing well with Tomato. I actually chose some restaurants by the selection of hot peppers that they have.

Compania das ervas have some good ones, but I don’t think that you can buy directly from their site.

Back to the recipe

First I start boiling the water for the pasta (don’t forget to add the salt to the water)

While it is heating on the stove chop the tomatoes a place in a big bowl (it will have to fit all the pasta and allow you to toss it)

Chop and add the basil and the juice of limes (limes are far more common here than lemmons) (I had one cravo lime also). Add also the salt and the olive oil.

Mix well and let it rest while you cook the pasta (just follow the package instructions)

Adding the Pasta

When the pasta is ready and still hot just dump on top of everything and toss a little.

Add some grated cheese if you like.

It can be served from warm or chilled.

And please.. treat the poor pasta salads with respect they all deserve :)


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