Cravo lime croutons

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Cravo lime croutons



Limes or Lemons, 250 ml ( 8 + 1/2 oz ) of juice

Mustard, 1 tbsp

Olive oil, 2 tbsp


Red pepper, 1 finely chopped


Bread, 1 Loaf (could be stale or leftovers)

Materials and Methods

The dressing

Ok it is shameful that I am posting a recipe this simple, but bear with me for a moment. these croutons are wonderful and multi-propose. It is the best stuffing that you can have for a chicken or fish.

Last time that we went to the farm we came home with over 3 kilos of limes, not only limes but a variety called “cravo limes”: They are a little bit more floral and sweet and less acidic.

So after a week I had to do something with it. So we squezeed the leftover ones and got over 1 liter of juice.

To make the dressing is plain simple, just make it like a salad dressing.

Just mix everything together: olive oil, salt, djion mustard and finely chopped peppers

Cut the bread in squares. The best bread for croutons is stale leftover bread. Think ahead about the intended application of the croutons before setting the size of the squares, stuffing goes well with small squares, salad could sometimes use a larger more dramatic size or strips.

Bake it

Sprinkle the dressing over the bread and bake on medium heat it until golden and crunchy, giving a turn every 10 minutes or so.

I know it is dead silly but this is it.

They can be stored for a long time on the fridge on a air-thigh container.

Also it is a great hack to bake a large batch and take it for vacations with friends. Like when you rent a house near the beach or something.

Stuffing is great

You can atually use it as crouton for salads..

I used as stuffing for a baked fish also works great for chicken


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