Dutch food: Chicken Satay (Kip saté)

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Dutch food: Chicken Satay (Kip saté)

Amazing food from Indonesia

Wait what? Did you say Dutch food? Yup: Satay is a traditional Netherlands food from Indonesia. Indonesia used to be a Dutch colony, remember all that Dutch East and West India Companies and so on? Somehow their colony empire relationship was very different from what we had between Brazil and Portugal.

In Indonesian cuisine saté(satay) are seasoned, skewered and grilled (over charcoal) meat served with sauce. Sounds average, doesn’t it? It is not.

The saté is a brilliant thing.

As far as I know they can be made of any kind of meat, but the one that is typical Dutch on my house is the Chicken one. It is a very well seasoned and spiced chicken morsels with a slightly sweet and spiced peanut sauce.

The one spice that makes the saté special is turmeric. Which is weird hearing that from me. I usually have no special liking for it. Truth to be told I used to hate the stuff, but in the recent years I’ve become more tolerant to it. To the point that I feel that it is an obligatory ingredient on chicken saté.

The peanut sauce is such a wonderful pairing to the meat. It is traditionally made with peanut butter, coconut milk, shallots, lemongrass and palm sugar. I exchange the shallots for onions and garlic and end up not using palm sugar at all. I do find that the onions, peanut butter and coconut milk add enough sweetness. On the other hand, I tend to add lime juice and hot peppers to the sauce, I’m not Dutch or Indonesian after all.

Some crispy onions on top also are very welcome.


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