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My love-love affair with Sardines

This is probably one of those problematic posts. I love sardines, most people don’t. I get it. I could say that you’ve never had it like $FOOBAR, but that is not true.

I like them fresh, I like them in cans, I would like them here or there.

There are, though, two ways that I feel that the sardines are the king of the sea.

One: Fried with a little of cornmeal. Have them butterflied by the fishmonger, dip in flour, dip in beaten eggs, dip it in corn flour(but not too much, hence “a little of cornmeal”), fry in olive oil, squeeze a lime on top. If you are brave ask for the spines from the fishmonger and fry them also.

Two: In sushi. Lightly salted and cured then lightly marinated in sake. A tiny dip of ume (salted prunes ) paste on top and thats it. (I took this picture at the Ban Restaurant if you are ever in São Paulo I sugest you do pay it a visit. )

Three: On toast. Bear with me on this one. This is a very technical and complex preparation, probably the most complex recipe on SFP to date. Get some canned sardines, prefer the ones that come in good oil or water and have no additives like the awful MSG (Monosodium glutamate). Put the sardines on top of the toast and squeeze a few drops of lime or lemon on top. Do not do the other way around as it is messy. You may if you wish put another toast on top of the sardine if you find fit, but then technically it is a sardine sandwich. You might be tempted to put another sardine on top of the top toast. DO NOT DO THAT as it might lead into a infinite feedback loop that might destroy the universe and cause overfishing.

Yeah I know I said two ways, but I got carried away.


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