My new addiction Iced Tea

Oct. 22, 2012, 1:13 p.m. | by Adriano Petrich | Categories: drink fingertips german vegetarian tea

My new addiction Iced Tea

The story so far

Disclaimer: This is a somewhat silly personal post. It deals with my addictions. It is not like you really need instructions to make iced tea.

Since last November I’ve cut down a little on my intake of Coke Zero. I went from 2 to 3 liters a day for the last 15 years (you can convert it 1 to 1 to quarts, see if I care) to Zero. Ziltch, nothing, nada, nichts, rien. A thing so wild to me that if you had asked if I would, never less could do it before I would have to call you not only crazy, but call you crazy AND MAKE CIRCLING GESTURES WITH MY INDEX FINGER AT THE SIDE OF MY HEAD. Yup I was that addicted.

I know perfectly well that it was coke zero, not cigarettes, not alcohol, not real drugs. Nevertheless even after almost a year without it there’s a constant lack in the daily life. The best that I can express it a round hole and all that is left are square pegs.Although nothing quite occupy the same spot as that what you crave some stuff helps: Going to the US of A early this year and specially Virginia and North Carolina introduced me to great iced tea. I bought some from there and they are quite floral and not bitter at all.

I know what you are thinking DON’T YOU HAVE ICED TEA IN BRAZIL? Well yes, but not quite. We have two varieties. One is pre-made iced tea in cans and bottles (like lipton and so on) which is overly sweet and not that particularly interesting.

The second variety is where it gets interesting. We have Mate (Erva Mate) which is great and sometimes drunk hot as in Chimarrão or cold as in Tererê. There is store bought iced mate here, but again overly sweet and usually with artificial flavorings like peach or lemon. The bad news is that I was never able to brew a descent Mate, either it gets too bitter or too sweet.

Until I can get a hang on brewing great mate I’m doing one of three things: Most common alternative is brew strong English breakfast tea witch which is black tea and refrigerate it until cold, I pretty much do it daily that is a great solution to have tea at home. At the office I buy pre made mate with lime juice from a company called do bem and when I am very, but very lucky I go downtown to a tea house called Rei Do Mate and buy me some bottles.

Calling Rei do Mate a tea house is a little stretch, think of them as Starbucks after after being hit by a truck and convalescing of hepatitis C for an year. They are everywhere (think starbucks) but for the most part they suck (think starbucks) the single exception is the first store that they ever opened in the 70s which is on rua São João, downtown São Paulo. It gets worse: There are two Reis do Mate in 100 meters from the other on the same street (think starbucks) the good one is the one that is higher on the street(Closer to av Ipiranga).


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