The German Vegetarian tag

Oct. 30, 2012, 4:46 p.m. | by Adriano Petrich | Categories: announcements fingertips german vegetarian tags

The German Vegetarian tag

The single most popular request that I get

Yup. First thing I thought was you people take me for someone else. An obvious case of mistaken identity, I guess, but it got me thinking. It could do a kind of a flag into the post that said veggie or not, or a sub-blog something on the line of The problem with those approaches is that they take time and “Parkinon’s Law”:’s_law was taking up all my time.

I ended up using the tag system. It surprised me how many things that I did here were actually German veggie safe.

The term comes from a joke that says if you don’t eat spek Speck(a kind of ham bacon) at the breakfast you are by the German definition a vegetarian.

So the tag applies to stuff that might have some meat on it, but in which the meat is not in a crucial role, so that if you take the meat out of it you do not end up with a sad and lonely plate full of healthy vegetables. See how much I care about you!

Here it is The German vegetarian tag in it’s all “could there be some meat in it, but not so much” magnificence!


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