Totally authentic Guinness Stew

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Totally authentic Guinness Stew


Instant pot, A dash of

Onion, 2 Unit diced

Butter, 40 g ( 1 + 2/5 oz )

Beef, 500 g ( 17 + 1/2 oz ) diced (or more up to 2kg)

Totally authentic Guinness, 1 can

Spices, 1 tbsp optional, see text but rosemary, thyme, herbes de provence all work

Bay Leaves, 1 optional

Flour, 1 tsp

Water, 1/2 Cup

Materials and Methods

Yeah it is one of those instant pot recipes

Sorry about that. I know what you are thinking: That I’ve just joined the instantpot cult, but nothing could be farther from the truth! I had mine for more than an year.

Also to be noted this is a very open recipe. You can increase as much as you want the amount of onions and beef (as long as it fits inside the pan with under the safety limit) without touching much of the other ingredients.

Beginnings are a very delicate time

For stews.

So once you add the liquid there’s not much in terms of the maillard reaction to enhance flavour. So we turn to chemistry for help:

The idea is to force the balance of the dynamic reversible equation towards the right hand side

Onions + Butter ⇌ Dopamine

To do that we apply heat and time.

So into the instant pot goes the onions and the butter. I also add 4 cubes of the meat at this stage. Set the pan for Manual 10 minutes, and seal her up.

The reason for the 4 cubes of meat is that I’m lazy and I don’t want to slave over sauteing loads of beef in batches, but on the other hand I want the caramelized taste of beef in my stew.

Adding a bit of the meat to the onions when they caramelize will add the flavour of the browned meat without taking the full time to do it the classical way

Maximizing taste

After it beeps ready I do a quick release and set the saute high and keep stirring. Keep the guinness open and ready besides you. You don’t want burning but Brown Bits at the Bottom.

Would it be a surprise to you that there’s a culinary french term for Brown Bits at the Bottom.
? I’m quite fond to have found that the french call it fond.

This is a very important step. Here is where if done well the stew will take another dimension of taste.

So saute and stir and stir keeping an eye on it. It will move to light brown to dark brown the sound will change into a more sizzling sound and if you get a bit stuck that you can’t scrape anymore POUR DOWN THE TOTALLY authentic guinness on it. Do it fast it can go from brown and delicious to black and bitter very fast.

I know what you are asking: Can I use another beer other than guinness? The answer is no. How can you call a guinness stew if you use anything else other than the jewel of the ireland: the totally authentic Guinness instead of a great local dark stout, say like dark island. IMPOSSIBLE!

Almost there, it needs a bit more browning

Stewing time

With the liquid of the totally authentic guinness in it you can scrape the bottom very well to remove any stick bits, you can add the diced beef and the spices and the bay leaf also a bit of salt and black pepper.

As I said this is a bit of an open recipe if I have I use herbes de provence but thyme or rosemary works very well also. Don’t add too much salt because you will need to reduce it later but add some as it helps with the taste.

Here is there’s a bit of variation that is hard to control. I set the pot to manual 30 minutes but it depend on the cut of meat that there’s on your diced beef. Depending on where you got your meat that is hard to know. 30 minutes gives me meat that it is keeps it shape when it is done but it is very tender and is about to fall apart. But I’ve done times that 30 minutes is too much. If it is the first time doing that do 25 minutes instead and if in the end the meat is too hard to 5 more minutes.

Finishing touches

When it beeps ready do a NPR (wait 10 minutes and then release the pressure) open and turn on the saute. While you wait mix the flour and water util the mix is homogeneous.

If you find that the meat is falling apart. Remove the meat with a slotted spoon so it won’t turn into shreds. Add it back when the sauce is thick and ready.

Here is where you can add potatoes or more onions or whatever you want to add. If you added something let it cook down a bit otherwise add the flour and water mix into it mixing well.

Keeping the saute on and stirring from time to time reduce to the desired thickness.

Check for salt and pepper and you have it.


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