Hummus(chickpea paste) much more than dip

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Hummus(chickpea paste) much more than dip

Sometimes a person have to do what a person have to do. After a bit of searching I found out what I had to do.

My fate (hard as it seems) was to taste the best hummus in Israel

So I grabbed my map and courageously set in direction of Jaffa. I would like to make clear that it was a pure altruistic desire that set me in this hard course.

For those who don’t know what hummus is; It is a spread/dip made out of chickpeas, tahini sauce, lemon juice, olive oil and salt. Although it sounds like one of those things that if you put ten people together you will have eleven true original recipes for it. Garlic is probably added also.

Hummus as a full meal

There were very good signs that Abu Hasan was the place to try. First there was a huge frakking line in front of it. Second the waiters do not take note of anything they just scream at each other and at the kitchen. My believe is that this loud, messed up restaurant that works is a class by itself and they are the base for society as we know it.

Not speaking any hebrew when I turn came I was able to try a shy “Hummus?” the waiter answer something, I agreed and got my plate of hummus plate with a side serving of raw onions and two pita breads. JOY!

It was what almost everyone where having so I knew I was in the right direction (only much later that I’ve learned that I should try something called ful witch is a fava bean something which is a famous topping)

The hummus is really one of the best ones I’ve ever had. The bread was hot and the raw onions did work well as small edible scoop, pretty much like a spoonacho


There were some interesting things happening on the tables around me. It gave me the impression that I had more to try: so I had to order a falafel portion!

Surprise surprise: Delicious also! Not only that but a great combo with the hummus.

And that was it a full (vegetarian) meal that let me completely satisfied!

Wait a second there!

Does that mean that you had a full vegetarian meal? Who are you and what did you do to Adriano?

First of all: Where did you get that silly notion that I do not eat vegetarian meals? I do! Really! For instance Neapolitan Pizza is vegetarian but never the less a fully qualified complete meal.

Second of all: On the way there I passed a place that served some pasties that were baked in a wood burning oven, so I figured I would have to try one only for the sake of my beloved readers. See how devoted I am?

So I had a lamb Sfiha as they are called in Brazil, here it is called by the other name: “lahm bi’ajin” (meat with dough).


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