A little bit of Uruguay: Chimichurri

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A little bit of Uruguay: Chimichurri


Parsley, 1 Bunch, chopped fine

Oregano, 1/2 Cup dried

Garlic, 10 cloves, chopped fine

Hot Peppers, 2 seeded and chopped fine (or dried flakes)

Vinegar, 1/5 Cup

Olive oil, 1/2 Cup

Salt, 1 tsp

Materials and Methods

The mystery sauce

Just recently when we (the wife and I) were in Uruguay for our honeymoon we went for a barbecue at the central market. Sure it was a gigantic tourist trap, or at least most of the restaurants there were. We found a place to eat which A) had some natives eating there and B) had no tables just a counter going all around the fireplace (yeah real wood fire, not coals).

While waiting for our chorizos we noticed that two types of sauces in open jars both with a thin layer of oil on top, one was bright green the other was slightly orange/red.

I thought I knew about the green one so I asked about the red one, the waiter said “That’s chimichurri” kind of matter of factly as if I was a very dumb child, or a tourist. Nevertheless I had a comeback: “I thought the green one was chimichurri.”, he just laughed and said “that’s also chimichurri”.

Oh boy! Those were good.

I aim to reproduce the red/orange one later, but I’d rather start by mastering the basic recipe. The traditional green one it is!

Ridiculously easy

There are two ways to do it, both give similar results. By hand or by processor(as long as you pulse and chop instead of puree).

Finely chop your parsley, add the dried oregano, then garlic and the peppers (or use dried pepper flakes).

If you are making in the processor just chop everything but add the parsley last, otherwise it will be a paste.

Move everything into a mason jar and add the salt, vinegar and the oil. Rest it for at least 1 hour before using. I mean it!

The objective is to have very small bits, and not a smooth paste.

Hit like you mean it

Here is where it gets fun.

It is both a sauce and a marinade.

I grilled some picanha [I could call it rump cover but it is complicated] steaks to medium rare and topped it with the chimichurri.

Also in the name of science I’ve also marinated some 1 inch cubes of meat and pan grilled those.

Oh tasty science!

Be careful that it will not last in the jar! It is far too good to last more than 2 dishes.


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