Mayonnaise-less Potato salad (or edible potato salad if you want)

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Mayonnaise-less Potato salad (or edible potato salad if you want)


Potato part

Potatoes, 1 kg ( 2 + 1/5 lb )

Limes or Lemons, 2 juiced

Vinegar, 100 ml ( 3 + 2/5 oz )

Salt, 1 pinch

Sauce part

Bacon, 1 Cup cubed or in fine strips

Cream, 150 ml ( 5 oz )

Chives, 1 bunch

Rosemary, 1 stalk, fined chopped

Materials and Methods

Love, hate and indifference

I feel guilt from time to time for not liking some kinds of food. I really do. I try to be open minded, but sometimes I fail miserably: I Hate Mayonnaise.

There foods that I don’t like, eggplant is one example, but I don’t dislike it either.. A case of pure indifference. I wouldn’t cross the street to taste a fantastic eggplant dish.

But, on the other hand, I might not even be able to stress enough how much I HATE Mayo.

And now the good news: Potato salad in Brazil is most commonly called Mayonnaise.

Did I mention how much I hate that stuff?

As if I would need help to believe in a unfair universe, every single person that learns about my distaste of mayo, tells me: “that’s because you’ve never tried my [mother/aunt/grandmother] mayonnaise”, usually followed by: “It doesn’t taste like mayo at all”

Why would I want to taste something that does not taste like it at all is beyond me.

Don’t trust me? See for yourself!

Try it this mad lib: Here taste this ________, It doesn’t taste like ________ at all. (good suggestions are: water, cheese, chocolate, pickled horse meat )

See what I mean?

Potato salad has ever been something to steer clear of. That is, until I started making my own without mayo.

Although I make a very simple potato salad, I fell in love with this German recipe that I found. I’ve slightly adapted it for a more Mediterranean German version.

A Mediterranean German dish

There are a few twists for this recipe that I liked, namely: vinegar in the salad, and the onions are not cooked beforehand but on the own heat of the potatoes and sauce.

Here is what I’ve screwed with: Replaced some of the vinegar for lime juice (remember limes are far more common in Brazil than lemons) and traded dill for rosemary (I have no dill in my garden).

This is a two phase dish. First you make the potatoes, then the sauce and finally you join both together.

Begin by boiling the potatoes (and I am using new potatoes) for 20 to 25 minutes, or until they are soft but not too soft (try it with a fork to see how soft they are).

(there are a lot of parenthesis lately aren’t they?)

While the potatoes are boiling (Blanching would be more exact term) you have time to make the onions loose a some water. So in a large enough bowl to accommodate the potatoes add the onions, salt and vinegar. Let the onions wilt a little. Remember that the onions are used raw and will cook only on the carry on heat from the potatoes and the sauce.

When the 25 minutes have elapsed drain the potatoes and add them to the onions on the large bowl.

They have to rest for at least 10 minutes. That time is important for the onions to loose the hard edge without becoming bland or too soft.

For the love of bacon

I have a feeling that a vegetarian in Germany is someone that does not eat pork for breakfast. So a potato salad has to have meat, and the favorite meat for this is: (you guessed) Bacon.

I’m using this wonderful this artisan bacon.

Fry it until it is golden brown and delicious. Try very hard to not eat it all. (Troubleshooting: if you ate all the bacon, just cube some more and sauté it again, do that until you have enough bacon left or you run out of bacon)

Lower the heat and add the cream and the herbs at once.

Stir to dislodge all the bacon love from the bottom of the pan and spill the sauce on top of the potatoes.

Stir well, but let it sit again for more 10 minutes. (You might sacrifice one potato, smashing it, to thicken the sauce)

Correct the salt and pepper as you feel like

Thats it!

If everything worked the onions will still be crunchy but not raw, or strong. The vinegar/lime juice will add a little tartness and joy to the dish.

And bacon! That is a love affair with a food.

Just keep the creepy mayo away from the potato salad.


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