Mimolette: French cheese with mites

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Mimolette: French cheese with mites

It is one of those foods

You know. In a party or group of friends some one comes with the “did you know that people eat….” Corn fungus (huitlacoche, I did and liked it) , ant’s larvae (escamoles also delicious) , coffee shat by small mammals and so on and on.

Well this cheese is made with mites on the surface, live with that.

Actually I think this one of the most epic examples of trollage in the history.

Louis XIV puts a commerce blockage into the Netherlands, but the king likes his Edam cheese, a lot. The only problem is that by a fun turn of the destiny it is made only in, you guessed: The previous mentioned and commercially blockaded Netherlands.

What do you do when you want something and you can’t get it? He orders Lille to produce a similar cheese. It is good to be the King!

The way that I see Lille is not profoundly happy with that, but has to make the cheese. Trolling is the solution The Mimolette is made with cheese mites, pretty much as is German cousin Milbenkäse.

Surprise surprise

The cheese end up being delicious to boot. The trolls became fans of the end product. It is more orange than the edan because it has a little bit of annatto added for color.

It can be tasted in various ripening ages. I got the middle range. It tastes a little like parmesan but with something between hazelnut and pecan flavor.


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