The Rub: Generic

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The Rub: Generic


Black pepper, 1 tbsp

Juniper berries, 4

Allspice, 1 tbsp

Coriander, 2 tbsp

Greek fennel, 1 tbsp

Paprika, 2 tbsp

Red pepper, 1 tbsp cayene and , powder form

Onion, 1 tbsp dried flakes

Garlic, 1 tbsp powder form

Cloves, 1 tbsp powder form

Materials and Methods


This post is shameful! Rubs are easy.

No really: Rubs are dead easy and a great way of add flavor to stuff.

By stuff I mean meat, pork or chicken.

I start by toasting what can be toasted.

Black pepper, allspice, Greek fennel, coriander seeds and the juniper berries goes into a small frying pan over the lowest heat my stove can produce.

Keep moving them around until your kitchen smells something between a gin distillery and a middle eastern bazaar. Kill the heat.


There are 2 great ways of grinding one is by hand the other is using a coffee grinder. If you use the coffee grinder approach have one that is used exclusively for spices and other for coffee beans. Two words that will make my point: Coriander coffee.

As I only have one coffee grinder I will do it by hand using a pestle and mortar.

So add the powdered ingredients and the recently toasted ones.

Here is the fun1 part: Grind grind grind grind.

Time to Rub

That’s it.

Save it in an air thigh container and it has the shelf life of uranium2, although it will lose taste as old as it gets (think your grandma slippers).

I consider 3 months is a good trade-off.

If you are wondering how to use it I will show you on another post, If you are not wondering I will show it anyway.

1For a use that is not the usual definition of the word fun

2Uranium-238 (99.284% of Uranium) half live is about 4.47 billion years.. so shelf live would be something like 3 times that, give or take : 13.73 billion years.


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