Sticky Toffee Pudding

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Sticky Toffee Pudding


For the cake

Dates, 200 g ( 7 oz ) without stones

Sugar, 150 g ( 5 + 1/4 oz )

Butter, 80 g ( 2 + 4/5 oz )

Eggs, 2 Unit

Flour, 160 g ( 5 + 3/5 oz )

Baking powder, 2 tsp

Allspice, 1/4 tsp actually mixed spices

cinnamon, 1/4 tsp

Cream, 2 tbsp double

For the caramel

Sugar, 150 g ( 5 + 1/4 oz )

Water, 150 g ( 5 + 1/4 oz )

Butter, 50 g ( 1 + 3/4 oz )

Cream, 100 g ( 3 + 1/2 oz ) double

Oven temp

180 °C ( 356 °F )

Materials and Methods

Fitting in

This is my new life in Scotland! It does look like the old life in São Paulo, doesn’t? The truth is I think that you move faster than you change. One of the things that gives me the creeps is Brazilians that move abroad and 6 months later come back unable to adapt and missing home food. There’s even a slang for it: missing o feijãozinho da mamãe (mom’s home cooked beans).

Don’t get me wrong we Brazilians are spoiled for food we got a huge variety of produce and we get them growing year round. We don’t have to import day to day foods. Here my basil is from Israel, Peppers from Egypt and so on.

The problem is not the food is the attitude. We are here on Scotland so we have to try what Scotland can offer.. in this case the wonderful Sticky Toffee Pudding.

This is my first try, if I ever come with an upgrade I will post again.

Soak the dates in boiled water for a few minutes.

Cream the sugar and butter together until they are whiteish in color.. oh I mean colour

Add the eggs and the spices and keep mixing.

Drain the dates and on a food processor or a stick blender puree them until smooth. When done add to the mix.

Sift the flour and the baking powder and add to the mix. Stop mixing and not fold. Do not beat the flour with the wet ingredients. We no need no stinking gluten.

Fold the cream and bake for 30 to 35 minutes.

Lets make the caramel: This is the hard part. I don’t have a candy thermometer yet so I have to go with my feeling. The idea is to add water and sugar in a pan place in low heat and you are forbidden to stir it until golden. do you understand it? It is VERBOTEN to stir. then add the butter cut in small cubes and you can stir as much as you can, add the cream also and stir until it starts to boil for a couple of minutes.

The thing is you want to avoid the creation of sugar crystals. If you stir some of the syrup will crystallize on the spoon and when you return the spoon BANG crystals everywhere. You want a soft caramel not crunchy.

PS: Sorry for the lack of pictures on this post. I still have to get my gear together. Right now I can only take pictures on cloudy mornings on the living room.


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