Summer harvest: Fresh Guava Juice

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Summer harvest: Fresh Guava Juice

The guava tree

Finally! The first ones are ready for picking!

When we moved in 3 years ago one of our first important decisions was which fruit bearing trees should we have. We didn’t have much space so we had to choose 3 trees wisely.

The lemon tree was easy, but it is in a large flower pot not on the soil. (yield: about 5-8 lemons a year)

Next was the one in front of the house: A Loquat tree for sentimental reasons.. Eating them always reminds me of my late grandfather, also loquats where in season when we started dating so we ate loads of those. (yield: 0 — tree is still to young )

Last but not least was the tree that was going to stand if front of the offices and behind our bedroom window. That is the guava tree. (yield: growing last year 8, this probably 15 or so)

Fresh Juice

We deal mostly with only two types of guavas: Pink and White. The pink guavas (which we call red guavas) are more sought after. And supposed to have a better taste to their counterpart. They are different but I don’t think one is better than the other.

Second and most important is how ripe you like them. My wife likes then fully ripened, on the other hand I prefer mine a little to the under ripe side. It is not unusual for me to look at the guavas in the counter for ripening and place them in the fridge for eating and later on my wife taking them out of the fridge to place them in the counter for ripen. With our guavas we pick them in the state that we like.

But both of us agree in one thing: Guava juice has to be made with over ripened guavas. No way around it. How do you identify over ripe ones? You smell them.

The sad truth: Over ripe guavas smell like cat pee.

Once I had a cold and was not able to smell anything, so I asked for help at the grocery. You should look at people face when you hold them a guava and ask “Does this smell like cat pee?” and if they say yes you get all happy and place it in your cart.

Perfect for a summer day

I’m sorry for those in the northern hemisphere, but today temperature is over 30C (86F).. So if you like the post bookmark it and come back next summer.

The juice is a bliss to drink and a no brainier to make:

Quarter over ripe guavas, ice and as little water as you can make your blender work (None if you have a blendtec I suppose), sugar is optional.

Also I don’t strain the juice. Just blend a little more that the seeds kind of disappear.

Being a no brainier is important: I still believe that there is no intelligent life above 300K.

On a side note

I was able to pick almost a kilo (2 pounds) of red peppers.. Apart from the guavas peppers replenish fast during summer times.. So in a few weeks probably I will be able to pick some more..


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