The whipped cream bottle challenge

March 26, 2011, 3:31 p.m. | by Adriano Petrich | Categories: Brazil dialogs shopping

The whipped cream bottle challenge

I decided yesterday that I arrived in one of those points in live that in order to move on you have to have a whipped cream maker bottle.
That and Aline is travelling.

So as I was in a mall I took my chances and went to a “posh gourmet shop”. Let it be known that it was all my fault. Here is the dialog that followed:

“Hi, I want a whipped cream maker”
“Sure, we have those:” shows 3 bottles
“how much does they cost?”
tells prices all over US$ 200
“and how much does the charger cost?”
“US$ 2 but we don’t have any.”
“Yeah, we don’t have any.”
“so.. you have bottles but no charger”
“Has it occurred to you that although I want to buy a whipped cream bottle, what I really want in fact to make whipped cream? And in order to make whipped cream in the whipped cream bottle I need a charger.”
“sure, but..”
“I can’t use that those whipped cream bottles as a cloth hanger, I can only use it to make whipped cream. “(and Espumas but I didn’t tell him) “How am I supposed to make whipped cream in a whipped cream bottle without a charger?”
“I can call our other stores to see if they have it, if they do you can get it here in two days.”
“I supposed I could put heavy cream inside and shake it a lot, and spoon it out while I wait for two days.”
“People usually buy a lot, like 30 at a time.”
“If people buy a lot and you have a lot you can sell a lot.”
“You understand that because you don’t have a two dollar charger you will lose a two hundred dollar sale.”
“They don’t last long, that’s why we don’t have a lot in stock”
“ah ok” as I was leaving the shop I start to think and google it.

Storming back into the shop: “They last three years!”
my time to be in shocked silence
“We usually get more chargers for soda than for whipped cream, but those for soda do not sell” and he shows me a drawer filled to the brim with boxes of chargers for soda.

After that I just left. There was nothing more I could do or say about it.

Happily ever after…

I wish that had been an isolated case, but it is not. It is the global attitude of commerce in Brazil towards clients. It is only a little bit more extreme because it was a posh gourmet shop.

I can resume my feelings by a conversation that I had with Aline the other day:
me: “That is offensive!”
her: “No, That is just very stupid”
me: “I get offended by Stupidity!”

Today I went downtown to a street (Rua Paula Souza) that has a lot of shops that stocks restaurants and industrial kitchens. Brought a whipped cream bottle, 30 chargers and some shelled pistachios. The bottle was about 20% cheaper there.

It is black.


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