The Zwiebelkuchen (on a wood burning oven)

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The Zwiebelkuchen (on a wood burning oven)


for the dough

Flour, 200 g ( 7 oz )

Water, 150 ml ( 5 oz )

Yeast, 2 + 1/2 pinches

Olive oil, 2 + 1/3 smears

for the topping

Onion, 4 medium in rings

Spring Onions, 1 large stalk in rings

Mozzarella, 150 g ( 5 + 1/4 oz )

Butter, 50 g ( 1 + 3/4 oz ) (a large dollop)

Materials and Methods

But I call it Schweinepest for short

Yeah I am that silly, and Zwiebelkuchen is too hard to speak.

Translating it to Onion cake (or even Swine Fever) is not nearly as funny.

This is a great German dish that I’ve only recently did I have the luck to try.

AFAIK It is normally done with quark or sour cream, as I had none where I was had plenty of buffalo mozzarella. Mozzarella Schweinepest it was.

I just made a batch of dough, I used the Tuscan bread dough with a little of olive oil in it, and layered with some mozzarella.

I’m using a firmer kind of mozzarella, but that melts just as nicely.

I post later a pizza dough recipe, promise.

Putting the Onions in Schweinepest Zwiebelkuchen

The Onions should be tender before they go to the oven. As far as I know they can be steamed, but I’d rather sweat them in butter instead.

Just a dollop of butter, the onions and a little bit of salt goes into a frying pan over very low heat.

Stir from time to time and don’t let the onions caramelize. They should go transparent and soft.

Bacon is normally added also. I DIDN’T HAVE ANY! So if you plan to do that: cook it now.

Layer the onions on top of the dough with the mozzarella and sprinkle the bacon and some chives.

Let the dough rest for at least 10 minutes before going into the oven.

An excuse to Post a fire picture

Look at it! Isn’t fire great?

Here is the part that I can’t give much help. Each wood burning oven is unique and has its quirks. I am just beginning to master this one.

Just make sure that it is hot enough to bake pizzas and you are done..

I did serve the Schweinepest Zwiebelkuchen as an appetizer for a pizza party.

Bake it

In the wood burning oven it took less than 10 minutes for it to get nice and tasty.

In a standard oven I think that leave it on medium heat for 50 minutes at least, then change the heat to high and let the onions caramelize. Helps if you use a salamander.


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